IndividualityRings tailored for your needs


The GABA experience A personal & individual approach


GIA DiamondsCertified Quality


Building a LegacySince 1972

As a second generation family run business, Gaba is synonymous with the gold, diamond & luxury jewellery market on the island of Malta. Our vision stems from a long line of experience & expertise. Our lineage of knowledge has instilled a passion for the trade, an intricate eye for detail & craftsmanship.

The fond and secured relationships that we have built throughout the year are testimony to our brand identity. Building ties and creating bonds at every step of the way is something that we value greatly, be it with our manufacturers, suppliers, clients or employees, we strongly believe that every relationship is worth the investment & commitment.


High Quality & Standardsfrom trusted sources


An Intimate ApproachForming Relationships

  • One-on-One
  • For your ultimate convince, we work with a one-on-one appointment system. Through this system we can avoid any disappointment & ensure that you will have Helna's, our Sales Executive, undivided attention.

  • Inclusivity
  • We believe in inclusivity and work hard to ensure that our clients are at the centre of the journey and process that they will go through with their jewellery - be it in the design process of a tailor made piece, or in the workshop phase or simply in sharing valuable information & insights about the jewellery.

  • Family Oriented
  • As a family business, we pride on the close connections that we foster on an internal level, and truly believe that this is reflected on an external level to our customers, who soon become our freinds.

  • In-House Workshop
  • Our in-house workshop is considered to be the hub of our home. With craftsmen that have over 35 years of experience & have been with the GABA family for around the same time, we are confident that our fully equipped workshop will be available to see to any of your needs.


Gold Trading rated daily & fairly

We buy & trade your unwanted gold, rated on a daily basis according to the market on that day, ensuring to give you the best value for you gold.


High Quality & Standardsfrom trusted sources


A 360° SpectrumExpert services here to assist

Our team of trained experts are here to offer you a wide range of services, from valuations to redesigns, you are guaranteed to be left in excellent hands & professional knowhow.


A Long Lasting Heritage True Craftsmanship

We consider our workshop to be the hub of our GABA home,  from diamond settings to care and maintenance processes, it is where the jewellery pieces truly come alive.We are proud to say that our workshop craftsmen have been a part of the GABA family for over 35 years – their combined experience ensures the highest of standards and knowhow.