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Exploring Diamonds Since 1972

Gaba is a second generation family run business that today is synonymous with the gold, diamond & luxury jewellery market on the island of Malta. Our vision stems from a long line of experience
& expertise that’s been passed down from one generation to the next. This lineage of knowledge has instilled a palpable passion for the trade, an intricate eye for detail & a deep comprehension of craftsmanship.
Over the years, GABA has formed many fond and secure relationships along the way, which is something that we take pride in. By understanding & believing in the value that relationship building has to offer, we honour the time it takes to build

those ties & work hard at forming relationships at every step of the way. Be it with our manufacturers, suppliers, clients or employees, we strongly believe that every relationship is worth the investment & commitment. 
As a brand, we are dedicated to our trade & our people & believe that in order for the two to meet in symbiosis, we need to build those relationships & ties in a transparent & honest way. That is why at GABA, trust is a tradition. Through our wide ranging selection of products, coupled with our services that go way beyond the sale, we are confident that together we will begin building the relationship that you deserve.  


Timeline of History 50 years of experience



What we stand forthe foundations

  • Long Lasting
  • The idea of long lasting within the GABA brand is something that we hold close to our hearts. Whether it is with regards to the relationships that we built & invest time into, or Whether its about our products whereby we ensure the highest of qualities & standards or even the services we offer that allow you to keep your jewellery alive for long periods of time, we believe that a long lasting approach is of utmost importance to us & our clients.

  • Individuality
  • We believe that each piece of jewellery is unique to its owner or prospectus owner. Each piece is essentially made for its rightful owner, and is individual to each person. Individuality & uniqueness are synonymous to the diamond, gold & pearl industry. Through the individual and unique experiences that we curate for our clients, this essence is reflected into our brand & business.

  • High Quality
  • Delivering products & services that are of the highest qualities across the board, from materials to manufacturing to finishings, is of utmost importance to us. We pay a lot of attention to the right details needed when considering quality in high end jewellery. Here at GABA we do not settle for anything less than detailed attention.

  • Transparency
  • Being transparent & honest in the way that we operate our business, from detailing with suppliers to manufacturers to retailers and clients, we take pride in working in a fair & ethical way. We believe in the power of information & reserve the right to inform & educate our clients, or any partner for the matter, around the purchase or potential purchase they may be making. Our approach equips people with the right information, tools & knowhow to make well informed decisions.


Our Workshopin-house craftsmanship

We consider our workshop to be the hub of our GABA home,  from diamond settings to care and maintenance processes, it is where the jewellery pieces truly come alive.We are proud to say that our workshop craftsmen have been a part of the GABA family for over 35 years – their combined experience ensures the highest of standards and knowhow.

Diamond Setting

Equipping with InformationKnowing your jewellery


What to expect our products & services

Our mission is to offer a wide selection of the highest quality jewellery in 18KT Gold, Pearls & Certified Diamonds that can suit any preferences, styles and budgets – while also complimenting them with a range of highly skilled services such as design from scratch, maintenance, repair, redesign and much more. 


Our Team of Experts

Wayne Satariano


Sue Satariano


Nikki Satariano

Administration & Buyer

Helna Bartolo

Sales Executive

Tania Vassallo

Administration & Accounts


In-house Goldsmith


In-house Diamond Setter

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