Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about our services


Do you do custom made jewellery?

Yes, you can schedule an appointment with one of our experts to have a custom made piece of jewellery created just for you! If you have something in mind, bring in a sample picture and we will ask our designer to create a 3D image of the piece. Once approved, we proceed accordingly to make your dream piece of jewellery come to life. 

Do you do repairs?

Yes, whether it’s gold or silver including diamond setting, polishing, engraving, ring sizing, re-rhodium plating of white gold jewellery, watch strap re-sizing and more. For newly purchased rings, we offer re-sizing and cleaning free of charge.

Do you repair old jewellery not bought from you?

Yes, however diamonds which are not bought from us will always require an appointment, so you can assist the jeweller while he repairs your item. Other jewellery can be left at the shop and picked up when ready. 

Do you re-string pearls?

Yes. Normal collier strand with knots will cost 25Euro and bracelets from around 13.50 Euro.We always recommend doing a PH Wash before re-stringing pieces that have already been worn, which costs approximately an extra 5 euro. 

Do you do valuations?

Yes, whether for insurance or any other purpose.

Do you buy gold and silver?

Yes, we buy precious metals in exchange for cash or credit from the shop.

Do you buy diamonds?

If the diamond is of a high quality for us to keep it in our shop, we may consider to trade it with another piece from the shop.

Do you upgrade diamonds?

Yes, we guarantee a full refund of original value on diamond upgrades.


Frequently Asked Questions
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