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For the entire span of human history, mankind admired, even workshiped pearls. Persian mythology have called them “the tears of the gods”, while some Muslim legends beleive that the pearl is God’s first act of creation. As organic gems brought to us through our Oceans, they are filled with mystery and wonder, showing us what our beautiful world is really capable of. The occurrence of organic pearls typically happens by chance. That is why, today, most

are cultured by man, where a shell bead or mantle tissue is placed inside an oyster & the oyster is returned to the water. Once reaching the water, the oyster covers the bead or tissue with layers of nacre to produce the pearl. The cultured pearl industry revolutionised the industry, giving pearl farmers the opportunity to control the cultivation and ensure high quality pearls. Here at Gaba we focus on sourcing the best quality pearls, mainly Akoya, Fresh Water, South Sea & the rarer Tahitian.


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From rare Tahitian to more widely spread Fresh Water pearls, we work hard at selecting from high quality pearl suppliers, ensuring that the standards & values of GABA are met to the utmost of our ability. When it comes to choosing the right pearls for you, we are able to …


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