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Going beyond sales.


An All-Round Package

Here at GABA, we are equipped with all the right resources and expertise  that allow us to offer a wide range of services. Be it care and maintenance to help you keep your jewellery at its highest quality for as long as possible, or valuations to give you clearer and more precise indications of your jewellery’s worth.

Our full team of experts, ranging from our HRD Certified Gemologist to our silversmith with 30+ years’ experience who works directly from our in-house workshop, are ready to service you in the best way possible. Discover our services below, contact us for more information, or directly book your appointment.


Services At GABA


The Perfect Fit made just for you

As part of our dedication to ensuring your jewellery lasts as long as possible, our in-house workshop offers resizing so that your jewellery grows with you. Bring in your piece to be resized and let our silversmith Ray work his magic to give your jewellery the long-lasting life it deserves.


In-house expertise delicate craftsmanship

We are extremely proud to say that our in-house diamond setter Domenico, who honed his craft in Italy, has been part of our GABA family for over 35 years now. With over 40 years of experience, Domenico ensures that every piece of jewellery given to him is cared for with the utmost respect. His delicate craftsmanship leaves every piece finished to the highest of standards.


Reinventing your jewellery

We believe that every piece of jewellery deserves a second life. Thanks to the high value and quality of gold and diamonds, we are often able to redesign and repurpose old pieces into something new and contemporary. Be it an inheritance piece which you want to redesign to fit your style or an irreparable piece, we can help you turn them into treasures that you will fall back in love with. Our expert team will assist and guide you every step of the way, through an exciting journey that we will embark on together. Contact us for more information or book your free consultation and let us take it from there.


Bespoke designs from scratch

The skills and lifetime expertise of our team, including silversmithing, diamond setting, and much more, offer our clients a unique opportunity to create fully customisable and bespoke jewellery tailored to their exact needs and desires. With assistance from our professional and expert team, we work collaboratively with our clients to design pieces from scratch, making them as personal as possible. The whole process is based on feedback from the client. We believe that involving you in the process ensures that we create the perfect piece for you. Contact us today or book your initial consultation for free and let us start developing the piece of your dreams.


Ensuring Longevity A New Lease Of Life

Our in-house workshop allows us to offer a full-service care and maintenance package for any piece of jewellery, including polishing, plating, repairing, and so much more. We believe in long-lasting pieces and work hard to ensure that your jewellery looks brand new for as long as possible. To achieve this, it is important to give your pieces the care and attention that they deserve. Here at GABA, we offer a wide range of one-off services together with yearly packages to help ensure that together we remain on top of the maintenance due. Simply bring in your treasured pieces and we will be sure to get them looking as good as new.


Commited To Quality

We believe that buying diamonds or gold is a precious investment, one that is unique and particular to the individual pieces that you purchase. Be it from the clarity of the diamond or the weight of the gold, it is an investment that requires an eye for detail and the support of expert guidance. Valuing your gold or diamond inventory gives you a clear and precise understanding of your investment’s worth. It allows you to navigate through your purchases directly with the support of professional advice, ensuring that all clients are given a secure, accurate, and independent valuation. Contact us for more information or book your appointment today.


Gold Trading

We buy and trade gold, giving you fair and honest prices in return, marked on the daily rates of the market to ensure that you are getting the best possible value. Bring in your unwanted gold and let our experts do the rest.